Message -The Chairman-

It is no secret that hard work alongwith honesty and vision can make you a most influential and far reaching institution in the world. With immense personal imagination and talent, my father before me, and now me, followed by next generations will bond together to build higher values for business and society.

It has not been a fairy tale ride and by no means a string budget institution, but one where internal talent and opportunities have been nurtured to mature into a well grounded evergreen tree, providing fruits to all associated with us and making sure it is well watered to keep spreading.

Understanding the intricacies of each industry and associating it with standard “good” practices has become an ingrained philosophy to attain best results in all verticals. Ethics and integrity are also top priority when it comes to meet the opportunities with solutions.


Our education section deals with High Schools, Universities and Corporations making learning enjoyable for all. From educating school students to training and developing corporate clients, we impart the use of smart and practical learning as the vision for tomorrow.


Health and fitness has been an arm of White Feathers since 2010. As the world moves to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle knowing what to do is just as important as doing. We serve thousands of individuals through our online portal, personal training and building gym management solutions.


Finance is the bloodline of all companies, we help companies maintain and make sense of their accounts. We also finance projects and invest with and for high net worth individuals.