White Feathers, Your PTS Partner

Our Vision …

“Energize businesses and individuals around the world through the intelligence of our dynamic services, turning their challenges (Problem to be Solved) into opportunities for success.” 

Our Mission…

White Feathers to provides valuable services that helps you to build more value and continuity to your business by virtue of good policies and practices. The three pillars of a successful society are what we strive to add the most value to in order to build a happier world for everyone. We want everyone to ‘Learn’, ‘Earn’ and ‘Live’ better

A Brief History …

With its roots in providing financial services since 1935 by its founding members White Feathers Group is an elite multi-dimensional and functional Group. We have experts in fields of finance, technology, legal, education, health, operations and marketing.

Now with a vast and rich history of more than eight decades and three generations, the Group has developed integral verticals in keeping with growing needs.

Working though booms and busts over the past 80 years, we have seen the best and worst of times and have built a business to last. We focus more on proven systematic processes to drive our business forwards. We are tried, tested and trusted by whomever we serve. We are the clock builders in business, not the time keepers may it be in our financial activities, educational strides or health efforts.

Years of passion

We are 81 years young, ready to move forward for another 81 years of pure passion and dedication.

Ton of projects

We have worked with thousands of partners over the years, may it be clients, suppliers or investors, they are all partners to us.

Creative approach

The only constant in life is change, and innovation is the key. As we continue to invest in the future, the future will become the present.

Our achievements

Finding out where you have been is the only true way to see where you can be one day.


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